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About Us

About SQFT STORE Realtors Private Ltd.

SQFT STORE Realtors started in Bangalore, Karnataka as a small company on 23rd March 2018 in a highly competitive business with 50+ years of cumulative experience in real estate. We are not just any other real estate company in Bangalore – we are channel partners.

Currently, we get in touch with Class A real estate developers in Bangalore and sell direct-to-consumer as primary sales. We are poised to enter the real estate development industry in Bangalore shortly as well. At the same time, we will be stepping into secondary sales where we resell prime property to end consumers.

Selling and buying real estate was a matter of personal choice and profession for our founding members. Within a year, we had over fifty employees who shared our passion, and we started to expand in the primary sales of residential and commercial projects. In short, we are a rapidly growing real estate company that is poised to dominate the real estate industry pan India.

Our Core Values:

We are one of the leading channel partners in the real estate market in Bangalore because of our values and ethics.

Here are some of the critical elements that you need to know about us before we do business together:

  • Professional Outlook: We serve our clients with the utmost sincerity and professionalism. Our company was formed by people who never quit and never get tired of real estate. We do not compromise on our deliverables, and we do not resort to unethical practices to sell.
  • Cultural Background: Our founders all come from highly cultural backgrounds, and we like employees who share the same train of thought. We prefer to think of SQFT STORE Realtors Pvt. Ltd. as a mix of different cultures and heritages from across India.
  • Power-Packed Performers: The real estate industry is highly competitive, and we enjoy the healthy competition because we have people on board who never give up on their targets. The best part about our real estate company in Bangalore is that our employees go above and beyond their goals so that the company can keep on growing.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of real estate experts all has a lot of experience backing their every move. We anticipate events in the real estate market that no one else can because of the several years of professional experience in buying and selling real estate.
  • Ethical Framework: We firmly believe in our moral values and a sense of right and wrong. Our happy clients keep sending us referrals over time. We have consistently built the company with a specific ethical framework in mind, and we are always going to stay true to our operational ethics.

Our Goals:

Like any other real estate company, we have concrete goals that we would like to achieve over the course of time. We are ready to step into the secondary sales in the residential and commercial real estate market and step into the world of development ourselves.

Our Short-Term Goal: We want to become one of the top five channel partners in the real estate industry of Bangalore.

Our Long-Term Goal: We want to be recognized as one of the top five channel partners in the real estate industry across India.

Meet the Team

At SQFT STORE Relators, we function as a tight unit of professional real estate experts, all pioneers in our fields. This works all the way from the top of the organization to the very roots. The team is what allows everyone to dream big and look forward to becoming part of one of the top 5 property consulting companies in India.

Here are some of the senior members of SQFT STORE Realtors who have worked hard for so long to pave the path for this company’s present glory:

The Director – Dr. V.K. Shivakumar (M.B.B.S., M.D., Consultant Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist)

Born to the esteemed Dr. R.V. Shetty and Sundaramma on 17th August 1964 in Pavagada Taluk of Tumkur District, Dr. V.K. Shivakumar had humble beginnings. After his initial schooling at Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala in Mysore, he went on to pursue a pre-university education in Bangalore. Shortly after, he went on to complete his M.B.B.S. from Kasturba Medical College in Mangalore and his M.D. in Gynecology at Bellary Medical College in Bellary.

He went on to further his medical career in the most backward and drought-ridden parts of his taluk. Along with his father (Dr.  R.V. Shetty) who was the first General Practitioner in Pavagada, Dr. V.K. Shivakumar helped rebuild a society that was crippled by disease and drought. In his long and memorable medical career of more than twenty-five years, he has only charged the most affordable fees for his thousands of surgeries.

It was during this time that Dr. Shivakumar was looking to buy a place of his own in Bangalore. What he found was a redundant and complicated system that was hardly accessible to ordinary people. Even worse, he saw first-hand how frequently salespeople duped people into investing their life’s savings into a property that was a bad fit for them.

Mrs. Suneetha Shivakumar took the spontaneous decision to start up SQFT STORE Realtors Private Ltd. during a conversation between Dr. V.K. Shivakumar and N. Krishnamurthi.

The CEO and CMD – Natarajan Krishnamurthi (B. Pharm.)

An experienced Pharmacist by profession, the CEO and CMD of SQFT STORE Realtors, is no ordinary man. Son and Student of Mr. R. Natarajan (M.A., B.Ed.) and Mrs. A. Rathinam (Retired School Head Master and Teacher) born on 1st August 1976 in Coimbatore, Mr. Krishnamurthi got into sales and marketing early on.

After completing his elementary education at a Government School in Alandurai village, and his pre-university education at C.S.I. Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore, he went on to study B. Pharm. At R.V.S. College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore under Dr. M.G.R. Medical University.

With 16+ years in sales and marketing, Mr. Krishnamurthi has worked for a variety of organizations. He started off as a Medical Representative for "MARK Parenterals" and "IRM Pharma" (a Division of Cadila Pharmaceuticals in Chennai).

He then worked as a Production Chemist in "Madras Pharmaceuticals" at Chennai, managed the "Abirami Pharmacy" (a retail Medical Shop at Coimbatore and Alandurai Village). He also worked as a Clinical Study Coordinator at St. Johns Medical College Hospital and Manipal Hospital Bangalore.

He finally worked for a few years as a Clinical Scientist at "Accenture" Bangalore before his segue into Real Estate Sales and Marketing at a franchise in 2013. His love for business, especially sales and marketing, led him into the real estate industry.

Since then, Mr. Krishnamurthi has worked with all the major players of the Real Estate industry in Bangalore. It was during this time that Mr. Krishnamurthi met Dr. V.K. Shivakumar who was his client at the time. Soon after, SQFT STORE Realtors was born.

Why Choose SQFT STORE Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

At SQFT STORE Realtors Pvt. Ltd., we are involved on with the primary sales of Tier 1 Builders in Bangalore. We love to have a futuristic view of life and business, and our professional outlook has helped us create long-term business relationships with our clients.

We are one of the top 5 property consulting companies in Bangalore today.  We invest only in the RERA-approved real estate (both residential and commercial projects) so that we can deliver only the best properties in the market to our clients.

We can find you the best match as per your requirements, filtering it by location, budget, and specific demands. Trust our superb real estate experts with over fifty years of cumulative experience to find you a new home that is worth your money.